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PhD Fellowships in Antibiotic Discovery

Our flagship PhD Fellowship trains future generations of infection research scientists across multiple disciplines.

The NCCR AntiResist PhD Fellowships are unique, providing successful applicants with the opportunity to experience rotations in the different fields of the NCCR AntiResist before finalising their research group of choice to pursue their PhD.

The Swiss-wide, multidisciplinary environment of the NCCR AntiResist consortium is built on collaboration between three major research fields, clinical research, engineering and microbiology, and Fellows are part of a vibrant community of PhD students with educational benefits ranging from cross-disciplinary research projects and tutoring, to hands-on teaching in state-of-the art technology, as well as joint summer schools.

The next round of applications for the NCCR AntiResist PhD Fellowship will open in Autumn 2025.

Meet our PhD Fellows