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AntiResist PhD Fellows

Our PhD Fellows have each followed a unique route to the Fellowship, and have found new direction through a multi-disciplinary rotation approach.

Isabel Wegner is from Munich in Germany. Isabel studied Biochemistry before joining AntiResist, and is focusing on Host and pathogen molecular remodelling during early lung infection for her PhD.

Kerstin Strenger from Frankfurt am Main in Germany, talks about how her original nursing training sparked her interest and her journey to infection biology research, and onwards to the NCCR AntiResist Fellowship.

Maximilian D√ľnnebacke from the Black Forest in Germany, talks about his route to the AntiResist Fellowship via a Bachelors in Molecular Biotechnology and a Masters in Biochemistry, and offers his advice to Fellowship applicants.

Sandro Jakonia from Georgia, describes his educational journey from Human Medicine to Infection Biology, and the personal motivations which brought him to the Fellowship, as well as his experience during his rotations.