Translational Activities

Translational activities

Leader: Uwe Sauer

Co-Leader: Andreas Hierlemann

Researchers: Dimitrios Balasopoulos, Philippe Lehner, Seyed Majed Modaresi, Karin Ortmayr, Samuel Pontrelli, Parth Rath, Michelle Sharte, Sebastian Ramon Sosa Carrillo, Leoni Swart, Mattia Zampieri

The overall aim of NCCR AntiResist is to facilitate the development of novel anti-infective strategies. We have already initiated collaborations with several different industry partners aiming at compound screening and optimization, evaluation of non-conventional antimicrobials, defining novel antibiotic targets, and predicting pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) in humans. Through these collaborations, we ensure early knowledge and technology transfer and gain in-depth insights in industrial requirements and opportunities.