Data Storage & Analysis

Data storage & analysis

Leader: Knut Drescher

Co-leader: Richard Neher

Researchers: Michael Adamer, Karsten Borgwardt, Sarah Bruening,Maria-Elisenda Alaball Pujol,Dany Chauvin,Knut Drescher, Theo Gervais, Thomas Julou, Michael Mell,Mikhail Pachkov, Clemens Rhiner, Thomas Sakoparnig, Erik van Nimwegen

The AntiResist consortium will generate a large variety of data analyzing human patient samples, patient-mimicking micro-tissue and axenic models, and clinical isolates. State-of-the-art methods ranging from single-cell analysis to comprehensive omics technologies and whole-genome sequencing will be applied. This work package aims at maximizing synergies and advancing communication between research groups and disciplines via the establishment and maintenance of a versatile Research Database that facilitates storage and sharing of information, as well as by implementing powerful methods for data analysis and interpretation. Our consortium has broad expertise in each of these areas and will benefit from expert support by core facilities, the Swiss Personalized Health Network for building clinical data warehouses, as well as powerful cutting-edge infrastructure for scientific computing.