Work Packages

Each pathogen-specific work package (WP-PAE: Pseudomonas aeruginosa; WP-ECO: Escherichia coli; WP-SAU: Staphylococcus aureus; WP-BME: Brucella melitensis) includes (i) the analysis of bacterial physiology in patient samples (work within WP-CLN), which guides (ii) the development of benchmarked in-vitro models (work within WP-MOD), and (iii) the application of these patient-mimicking in-vitro models for translational activities (work within WP-TRN). Enabling technologies (work within WP-TEC) and data management and analysis (work within WP-DAT) support all other work packages. Their relationships to each other are depicted in the matrix below.

NCCR AntiResist Work Package Matrix

Graphic of the 9 NCCR AntiResist Work Packages and their interaction with each other