Course recommendations

The following list contains courses from the fields of engineering, microbiology and clinics offered within the NCCR AntiResist consortium. The courses are recommended for all PhD students within the NCCR AntiResist community.

PhD students from the NCCR AntiResist consortium can participate in these courses independent of their hosting institution. For details on how to register for courses, please see the course catalogue entry of the respective course.

Please note

  • The transfer of credits from courses offered outside of your hosting institution cannot be guaranteed and is subject to the rules of the PhD program in which you are enrolled
  • For questions regarding the transfer of credit points and the possibility of the recognition of the credits for your program, please get in touch the contact person of your PhD program, listed below


Contact persons for enquiries regarding the transfer of credit points (ECTS)

University of Basel

Biozentrum BZ
PhD Student Office: phd-biozentrum(at)

Department of Biomedicine DBM
PhD Coordinator Prof. Dr. Susan Treves: susan.treves(at)


ETH Zurich

Central Doctoral Administration: doktorat(at)

Department of Biology D-BIOL

Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering D-BSSE


EPF Lausanne

Central Doctoral Administration:


School of Life Sciences
Doctoral Administration EDBB program: edbb(at)
Doctoral Administration EDMS program: edm(at)


University of Zurich

Life Science Zurich Graduate School: