Diversity & Inclusion

Equal Opportunity, Diversity & Inclusion

NCCR AntiResist strives to combat inequality and create an open, welcoming, diverse and supportive environment for all of its members.  We recognize that discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexuality and age are real, systemic barriers and we are committed to dismantle them.

AntiResist is especially focused on promoting gender balance and supporting female scientists in the workplace, in their career paths and at conferences and events. We will collaborate with programs for promoting gender balance at all participating universities within our consortium as well as the SNF and other NCCRs.

For the workplace, this means allowing flexible working hours and working on an individual basis to find home-work balance solutions during pregnancy and for parents of young children. PhD students and PostDocs who are also parents of young children are encouraged to apply for the SNF Flexiblity Grant. The EODI Officer also acts as a liason between new parents and the different Diversity Offices at all collaborating institutes to help search for other available funding and grants.

Leadership and career development is also pivotal. Parental leave will not be seen as a disadvantage, and we support early and mid-career female researchers in finding funding to promote their careers.  A mentoring project is also in the works. 

We also strive for equal representation at conferences and events at all levels from poster presentations up to key note speakers. Childcare during conferences will be provided.

For questions about NCCR AntiResist and Diversity & Inclusion or to set up an appointment, please contact our EODI Officer, Sarah Thomforde.

Scroll down for links to the Diversity & Inclusion offices at our participating insitutes.

#NCCRWomen Video Series

To celebrate Women's Day 2021 and the 50th Anniversary of women's right to vote in Switzerland, we are working with our sister NCCRs across the country to relase a series of videos showcasing women working in science. The week of October 11-15 will highlight female scientists at NCCR AntiResistNina Khanna, Vishwachi Tripathi, Ikram Salah, Valentina Cappelletti and Julia Boos.  You can watch the videos on YouTube or Instagram. Watch, share and be inspired! 

A screenshot from the YouTube channel of the NCCRWomen videos for NCCR AntiResist